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A new Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas, “Science of Hybrid Quantum Systems”, keeps open door policy. The mutual communication with domestic and foreign researchers is essential for the success of the area and we will promote the mutual interaction through area meeting and invitation of foreign researchers.

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The HQS project how two open calls for new collaborative research proposals.
The first call was in 2015 when the project was started, and eleven proposals were funded from 2016 for two years.
The second call is open now and the deadline at MEXT is 08 November 2017.

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We will continue the effort to disclose our research results and contents widely to the public via a news release and a printed matter from“Science of Hybrid Quantum Systems”. This homepage is the most important connection with the society. Any question and comment is welcomed to We appreciate cooperation and advice from many peoples for this newly launched innovative research area.

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