Prolongation of coherence time of 167Er for photon-electron coherent manipulation


Takehiko Tawara, NTT Basic Research Laboratories

We have succeeded in prolonging the coherence time T2 of the 167Er ion for optical transitions between hyperfine sublevels by isotopically purifying Er ions.

Detection and manipulation of single Cr spin in a semiconductor quantum dot


Shinji Kuroda, Institute of Materials Science, University of Tsukuba

Recently, much effort has been devoted to manipulate a single spin in various systems aiming at applications for quantum computation.

Efficient extraction of photons from a NV center embedded in a diamond nanowire utilizing an optical nanofiber


Takao Aoki, Waseda University

NV centers in diamond have good optical properties and offer a wide variety of applications based on its interaction with photons, such as single-photon sources and quantum memories.

Distributed quantum algorithms for efficiently generating multipartite entangled states over quantum networks


Mio Murao, The University of Tokyo

A tree-type cluster quantum computer is a quantum network represented by a tree graph where the nodes are quantum computers.

Spin-Phonon Coupling Control with Strain Gradient Structures and Their Excitation by Photon


Hitoshi Tabata, University of Tokyo

We have experimentally confirmed an existence of strain gradient in the ultrathin films of iron garnets. Electrical and optical anomalies have been confirmed due to the spatial inversion symmetry breaking.