Quantitative measurements of microwave distribution by using NV centers in diamond


Shintaro Nomura, University of Tsukuba

NV centers in diamond have been attracting much interest as platforms for quantum sensing and quantum information. We have recently succeeded in developing a high-speed high-resolution microwave imaging method. We have demonstrated to image the microwave near a micrometer-sized non-fed antenna structure. Photoluminescence images from an NV center ensemble have been captured at a high frame rate with a cooled scientific CMOS camera, thereby reducing fluctuations due to the environmental noise. We have successfully measured the microwave field distribution quantitatively by driving the Rabi oscillations of the NV electronic spin. We have found that the microwave field amplitude (intensity) is enhanced by a factor of 21.5 (462) near a micrometer-sized non-fed antenna structure. This technique enables us to address individual quantum spin by designing nanometer-width antenna structure.

Our newly developed method to image microwave field may contribute to local control of quantum spins, evaluation of microwave devices and meta-material devices, and microwave bioimaging.

[1] G. Mariani et al., arXiv:1812.02864v1 [quant-ph] (2018).