【PRESS RELEASE】Nuclear spin control by a mechanical oscillator


Hiroshi Yamaguchi, NTT Basic Research Laboratories

Nuclear spin corresponds to the rotation of an atomic nucleus, and it shows a precessional motion under a magnetic field. The motion is widely utilized in nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and is recently expected to be used also in various quantum technologies such as quantum memory and high performance magnetic field sensors. We have developed a novel device technology to manipulate nuclear spins with a micromechanical oscillator.

The mechanical oscillator has the shape of a doubly clamped beam and was fabricated by processing a piezoelectric GaAs/AlGaAs heterostructure. The mechanical oscillation can be electrically induced through the piezoelectric effect. The motion generates periodic strain at the clamping point and modifies the dynamics of nuclear spins in the strained region. In the experiments, we observed not only a shift in the NMR frequency but also sideband resonances, where the resonance was confirmed also at two shifted frequencies. The theoretical calculation showed good agreement with the experimental results, proving that the observed phenomenon can be well explained by the effect of mechanical oscillation.

Yuma Okazaki, Imran Mahboob, Koji Onomitsu, Satoshi Sasaki, Shuji Nakamura, Nobu-Hisa Kaneko, and Hiroshi Yamaguchi, Nature Commun. 9, 2993 (2018)