Hybrid Quantum Systems

The recent developments in quantum science and technology now allow us to control systems at the quantum level, and we have began to see the quantum world in ways we have never imagine before. This research networks grand challenge is to create, manipulate and control quantum hybrid systems and explore their possibilities for quantum enabled technologies.

Hot topic

Detection and manipulation of few-vortex states in mesoscopic layered superconductors
May 10, 2019


University of Tsukuba, Akinobu Kanda

In a type-II superconductor under magnetic Continue reading

Quantitative measurements of microwave distribution by using NV centers in diamond
April 1, 2019


Shintaro Nomura, University of Tsukuba

NV centers in diamond have been Continue reading

Phonon transport in graphene elucidated using isotopic heterointerfaces
March 6, 2019


Takayuki Arie, Osaka Prefecture University

Since phonons are the main heat Continue reading