Hybrid Quantum Systems

The recent developments in quantum science and technology now allow us to control systems at the quantum level, and we have began to see the quantum world in ways we have never imagine before. This research networks grand challenge is to create, manipulate and control quantum hybrid systems and explore their possibilities for quantum enabled technologies.

Hot topic

Energy levels in carbon nanotubes
August 1, 2017


Wataru Izumida, Tohoku University

Carbon nanotubes have been intensively investigated since Continue reading

Universal Modeling of Weak Antilocalization using Pseudo-Random Number Generator
July 19, 2017


Takaaki Koga, Hokkaido University

The weak localization/antilocalization, recognized as a precursory Continue reading

Observation of phonon modes in a bottle microresonator
July 3, 2017


Takashi Yamamoto, Osaka University

Whispering-gallery-mode (WGM) resonators with various geometries have Continue reading