Hybrid Quantum Systems

The recent developments in quantum science and technology now allow us to control systems at the quantum level, and we have began to see the quantum world in ways we have never imagine before. This research networks grand challenge is to create, manipulate and control quantum hybrid systems and explore their possibilities for quantum enabled technologies.

Hot topic

Experimental demonstration of plasmonic quantum walks in the one-dimensional gold-strip waveguide lattice structure
December 13, 2019


  Shuichiro Inoue, Nihon University

Quantum walks (QWs) simulate quantum mechanical behaviours of Continue reading

Generation of high-repetition rate sub-cycle mid-infrared pulses applicable to lightwave-driven STM
November 25, 2019


Yokohama National University, Jun Takeda

Lightwave-driven scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) has been realized using carrier-envelope-phase (CEP)-stable Continue reading

Robust control of two-qubit Hamiltonian dynamics
November 13, 2019


Mio Murao, The University of Tokyo

We showed that it is possible to Continue reading